Our recent trip to Hong Kong was the first time we went to the former British colony as a couple. We had hoped to do more than just the typical touristy things like taking selfies at Victoria Peak, and shopping at Causeway Bay, so we decided to stay in Sheung Wan, the district just west of Central on Hong Kong Island.



Sheung Wan was home to relics from Hong Kong’s colonial past, as well as its cosmopolitan present. In this eclectic, vibrant neighborhood, we climbed up, thoroughfare-stairs with names like Hillier Street and Ladder Street. We checked out the quaint antique shops on Upper Lascar Row, also known as Cat Street, and the bigger galleries on Hollywood Road.

We stood, hushed and respectful, before the Man Mo Temple.

And, of course, we got to sample food from around the neighborhood, such as Dim Sum Square on Jervois Street, which was crowded with customers foreign and local up until closing time for good reason. Up on Gough Street, which was part of Central, we found Shanghai Lane with its scrumptious Lion Balls (not on the menu, and not made of actual lion balls) served by its friendly staff; and tea and treats at Kisses Cupcakes.

Lion Balls!
Lion Balls from Shanghai Lane!
Dimsum Square has pictures on their menu — a wonderful thing for folks who don’t know a lot of Cantonese.


Over the course of four days, we went beyond this charming neighborhood to see the rest of Hong Kong, and, yes, took selfies at the Peak, and spent an afternoon in Causeway along with every other tourist and their mothers. But at the end of every long day of seeing the sights, it felt great to emerge from the MTR station, and walk along Sheung Wan’s streets and alleys once more.

Drawings of foxes up on the window.




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