Hong Kong has a lot of great galleries, and we made sure we would be able to catch an exhibit or two on our visit.

IMG_5260 IMG_5262

Our first stop was the gorgeous Pedder Building. Aside from the dimly-lit and fragrant Abercrombie&Fitch outlet, this historic building also housed a couple of galleries we wanted to see.


At the 4th floor, the Hanart TZ Gallery had the Mao Xuhui: Toppled Parents Solo Exhibition. It featured massive paintings that showed bent, sometimes chaotic, perspectives of the various, symbolically toppled chairs.

IMG_5358-2 IMG_5362  IMG_5371 IMG_5947-3 IMG_5946

Up on the 7th, the Gagosian Gallery had work by Michael Craig-Martin. His delightful pop-art pieces featured contemporary objects suspended in vibrant hues. It was a refreshing contrast to the earlier work we had seen.

IMG_5374-2 IMG_5378 IMG_5952 IMG_5954 IMG_5953

At the imposing 50 Connaught Road Central, we dropped by Galerie Perrotin on the 17th floor. There we caught a couple of amazing exhibits from Jean-Michel Othoniel and Ryan McGinley. We missed the Takashi Murakami exhibit, but still saw some of his work.

IMG_5387 IMG_5388 IMG_5971 IMG_5975 IMG_5980-3 IMG_5983 IMG_5985 IMG_6133-3 IMG_6134-3

We were also able to take a rest from all the walking by Galerie Perrotin’s huge windows, and from there got to enjoy the stunning view of Victoria Harbour.


At Statue Square, we caught the HK leg of the 1600 Pandas World Tour. It featured French artist Paulo Grangeon’s 1,600 papier-mache sculptures aimed to raise awareness for the world’s 1,600 remaining pandas. We stood in the rain, squeezed our way through the crowd, and faced the risk of getting our eyeballs poked by any of the numerous open umbrellas to see the pandas up close. It was worth it.

IMG_5325IMG_5316 IMG_5319IMG_5326IMG_5917 IMG_5920 IMG_5924 IMG_5927IMG_5926


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